What excites you? Me, I am tickled pink with a new book,  a grilled cheese and a bowl of tomato soup to dunk it in, a day with nothing to do, a Sunday nap, and a weekend retreat to the mountains, especially when it’s snowing!  Getting excited about something, anything, evokes a childlike feeling, doesn’t […]

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Gaining Perspective

We lie in bed, my husband and I, our backs reveling from the PainStop spray. We’re injured. His lower back, my upper left, just under the shoulder blade. He doesn’t know how he hurt his. Me, I lifted our four year old niece at Christmas, I think. My husband breaks the silence and says,  “We smell like […]

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(Photo Credit: My days are full of constant chatter. It doesn’t matter if the chatter is interesting, life shattering, or pertinent. What does matter is how I process what I hear. I admit some days I want to shout, “Shut Up, People. I don’t care, and neither does anyone else,” but I don’t. Instead, […]

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Dear God: Today I am silent.  I am bending my knees, closing my eyes, and breathing. Today, I will be still and know that you are God. Amen              

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Time Conscious

Ecclesiastes 3:1 ‘To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven’  Time is our most precious commodity. It rules us, literally. I love a lot of things in my life: my home, my pets, my family, my friends, and my quiet space, just to name a few, but […]

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Funny how one day seems to fade into the next, isn’t it? Most nights, before I slip into blissful slumber, I rethink my day and ponder the should of, would of, could of opportunities that I missed. But today, I am not dwelling on such things. Nope. Today, I am dancing . . . Dear God: […]

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Have you ever wondered why a dog chases his tail? Is it because he is bored and needs to expend energy? As humans, don’t we sometimes feel like we are chasing our tail? Sure we do, and Today was my tail chasing day . . . Dear God: As a result of my circling, my day […]

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Dear God:  I am preoccupied.  The Arctic blast encompassing most of the U.S. forces me to think about the homeless. My heavy heart thinks about these souls, as well as the families dependent on shelters, churches, and other safe havens that offer an open door of refuge either during a storm or otherwise. But today, […]

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Dear God: I am reverent. Today, within a 5 minute span, I expressed my sincere condolences to two families who are grieving. One is a dear friend who lost her 94 year old mother and the other is a loyal barber shop customer who lost his 86 year old father. I have been in their […]

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Welcome to my prayer journal. Why make a prayer journal public? Why not? What if my prayers encourage and inspire. I often think about the people that I come in contact with at work, especially an acquaintance that becomes a friend, because of a 15-20 minute haircut. Like a bartender, I hear confessions. I hear […]

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