Still My Mother’s Daughter

  “What was once enjoyed and deeply loved, we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes part of us.”  —Helen Keller These days I find myself adjusting to a another new normal. With the Coronavirus ever-present, imagining a Covid-free society feels like fleeting hope. The debilitating effects of this pandemic remain mind-boggling. […]

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Thankful for Emily

  Mom has a new love. Her name is Emily. Emily came to live with Mom after her 10-year old great-granddaughter visited. Although Mom does not remember her great-grand or how she adored her, mom was thrilled to see her. But, what made the visit extraordinary was the gift that her great-grand brought. The GGD […]

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Waving The White Flag

I often wonder if this is the year that I will lose my Mom. With her delusions ever-present, I feel helpless, sad, and lost. I admit that, at times, I dread going to visit her. My sweet mother, my best friend, is no longer there. Mom has been replaced by a gentle-souled woman whose features […]

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Living In My Mother’s Reality

      My reality, at least for now, consists of delusions, time warps, and an occasional white lie. As I support and care for my Mom through her Alzheimer’s journey, her reality becomes my reality. Among the many blogs, scholarly articles, and books that I’ve read on the subject of dementia, most all agree […]

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Reminising storytime with Mom

There weren’t a lot of books in our house when I was little. However, we did have the essentials: The Bible (first and foremost), and the complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica of which my parents couldn’t afford, but the salesman said, “They will be an educational asset for your children for years.” What parent doesn’t want the best […]

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Having Coffee With My Best Friend

    I do my mother’s laundry while she sits and watches. We talk, but these days our talks are more of a Q and A session. It’s hard holding a conversation with an Alzheimer’s patient, but I try. When we’re together, we sit close, watch others, and smile. However, there is one thing we enjoy: […]

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