(Photo Credit: Mother and Child By Francesco Strino (1979, Italian) I watched a mother hold the hand of her son today. She smiled down on him and he smiled up at her. They walked in unison across the street. They are not blood, but does that matter with an image such as this? As I […]

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(Photo Credit: My days are full of constant chatter. It doesn’t matter if the chatter is interesting, life shattering, or pertinent. What does matter is how I process what I hear. I admit some days I want to shout, “Shut Up, People. I don’t care, and neither does anyone else,” but I don’t. Instead, […]

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Funny how one day seems to fade into the next, isn’t it? Most nights, before I slip into blissful slumber, I rethink my day and ponder the should of, would of, could of opportunities that I missed. But today, I am not dwelling on such things. Nope. Today, I am dancing . . . Dear God: […]

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Dear God:  I am preoccupied.  The Arctic blast encompassing most of the U.S. forces me to think about the homeless. My heavy heart thinks about these souls, as well as the families dependent on shelters, churches, and other safe havens that offer an open door of refuge either during a storm or otherwise. But today, […]

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