Dear God:

I am reverent.

Today, within a 5 minute span, I expressed my sincere condolences to two families who are grieving. One is a dear friend who lost her 94 year old mother and the other is a loyal barber shop customer who lost his 86 year old father. I have been in their place. I have felt their pain. I remember the intense numbness that follows when a loved one becomes absent from the body and present with you.

Even though we know they are free from pain, free from hospitals, free from this mortal life, we are sad. We are selfish. It’s our humanness to want them back, but only if we can have them before the sickness and before the word “terminal” injects us to a new normal. 

I am reverent as I ask for your presence with both of these families. 

I am lifting them up today and in the days ahead. 

Bless them with the love of friends and family.

I am forever your servant.



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