Celebrating Life


(Photo Credit: Laura Davis-Mullenix)

When my cousin Laura posted these flowers on social media she said, “I picked these from my yard yesterday. Thought I would post this to encourage everyone that “SPRING” still does exist. I’m glad I picked them as they would be gone now.”

While these daffodils are beautiful, it’s the vase that catches my attention.

You see, when I first glimpsed Laura’s post, I immediately thought of the three-in-one. You know, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. Being the writer that I like to think that I am, my creativity rolled into overdrive with how I could expand her photo and message through my blog.

So, after musing over Laura’s caption and photo, a metaphor evolved through her words: “picked, encourage, exist, and gone.”

Still confused?

Bear with me . . .


Spring is wonderful, is it not?

It’s the time of year when all of God’s creation comes alive.The dreary darkness of winter fades into warm sunny days and clear blue skies. Even our mood toward each other and for each other metamorphoses into something beautiful, heaven sent.

For Christians, Easter evokes intense mourning coupled with triumphant victory, especially when referring to the life and death of Jesus Christ.

Certainly life in general is a joyous time for each of us, right?

But, have you ever thought about the one and only celebration of life that out shines and out lasts anything imaginable by man?

And, have you ever thought about the gift that was freely given by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the gift of eternal life?

Jesus’ excruciatingly painful death on the cross was for us, you and me, and it can never be repaid or topped, or even redone.

 Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ existed in the flesh, as we do, suffered and died, as we will, and was separated from his father, as we, too, will be separated if we do not choose life.

Laura shared her beautiful flowers the same way our Heavenly Father shared his son Jesus. Laura saved the daffodils before they died. When we choose to follow Jesus, we can live a life as beautiful as Laura’s daffodils with one exception: When we die, we will rise again. The bible says that we will be caught up in the air to meet Jesus, isn’t that exciting! She said that had she not chosen them, they would surely die, or “be gone.” Likewise, had God the Father not chosen his son as our redeemer, we would die and “be gone,” too.

I am so very grateful, aren’t you, that our Heavenly Father “picked” us, saw us worthy to celebrate life – eternal life with him.

I look forward to the celebration, don’t you?


Dear God:

I have no words this Easter to express my sorrow for the way you had to die, and for me.

I have no words this Easter to express the sheer joy I feel, knowing that you conquered death; the tomb could not hold you captive.

I have no words this Easter, except to say,

I am and will forever be your unworthy, but grateful servant.


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